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Zofia (Ada) Kaliszewska

Download PDF of CV

Academic Positions and Education:

University of Utah Honors Biological Chemistry Major, Math Minor                                                                             B.S. 2002

     Salt Lake City, UT

     Honors Thesis: Population histories of right whales inferred from mitochondrial sequence diversities and divergences of

                              their whale lice

         Advisor: Jon Seger                                                  

Harvard University, Organismic and Evolutionary Biology                                                                                           Ph.D. 2015

        Cambridge, MA                                                                                                                             

        Thesis: Evolution of parasitism in the Lycaenidae (Lepidoptera)

        Advisor: Naomi Pierce

University of Washington, Department of Biology, Postdoctoral Fellow                                                                       2015-present

         Seattle, WA

         Project: Chance or necessity? Adaptive vs. non adaptive evolution in plant-frugivore interactions

         Advisors: Sharlene Santana and Jeff Riffell



     2010-2011 Knox Travelling Fellowship ($22,825)

     2005-2009 (Stipend started Sept 2006) NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program Award ($90,000)

     2004-2006 NIH Genetics Training Grant ($41,544)



     2010 Putnam Expedition Grant: Lycaenid Life History Evolution in South Africa ($9,175)

     2008 Putnam Expedition Grant: Diversification of Chrysoritis and Thestor butterflies ($7,395)

     2007 Putnam Expedition Grant: Species Interactions and Diversification of Thestor butterflies and Anoplolepis custodiens       

              ants ($6,260)



  1. Instructor: Developed and taught two graduate level courses.

    • ​Con Men, Neuroscience and Magic: how the world of illusion can inform our understanding of human perception (Harvard University GSC6) Winter, 2014, 2015

    • Magic and Scientific Thinking: how insights from magicians can broaden our thinking about problems/questions in the sciences (Harvard University GSC5) Winter, 2012

  2. Guest Lecturer

    • Entomology (UW Biol545) Spring, 2018

    • Women in Science (Seattle Pacific University) Spring, 2018

  3. Teaching Fellow

    • Animal Behavior (Harvard University OEB57) Spring, 2010

    • Genetics and Genomics (Harvard University BS50) Fall, 2005

  4. Grader

    • Genetics, Genomics and Evolution (Harvard University LS1b) Spring 2006, 2012 - 2015

    • Chemistry, Molecular Biology and Cell Biology (Harvard University LS1a) Fall 2012 – 2014

  5. Tutor

    • High School Physics Spring 2011

1.   Heath, A., Kaliszewska, Z.A. and Pringle, E.L. (2018).  An overview of the biology of the Afrotropical butterfly genus Crudaria             Wallengren, 1875 (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae: Aphnaeinae), including some new observations. Metamorphosis, 29, 92-117.             [PDF]

2.   Schar, S., Eastwood, R., Arnaldi, K.G., Talavera, G., Kaliszewska, Z.A., Boyle, J.H., Espeland, M., Nash, D.R., Vila, R. and 

           Pierce, N.E.  (2018).  Ecological specialization is associated with genetic structure in the ant-associated butterfly family 

           Lycaenidae. Proceedings of the Royal Society B.  285(1886), p.20181158. [PDF]

3.   Kaliszewska, Z.A., Lohman, D.N., Adelson, Sommer, K, Mathew,, J. and Pierce N.E. (2015).  When Caterpillars Attack: 

           Phylogeny and Life History Evolution of the Miletinae.  Evolution. Vol 69(3), 571-588. [PDF]

4.   Boyle, J.H., Kaliszewska, Z.A., Espeland, M., Suderman, T.R., Fleming, J.E., Heath, A., and Pierce, N.E. (2014)    

           Phylogeny of the Aphnaeinae: myrmecophilous African butterflies with carnivorous and herbivorous life histories. 

           Systematic Entomology. Vol 40, No 1. [PDF]
5.   Heath, A. and Kaliszewska, Z.A. (2012).  Further life history observations in the myrmecophilous genus Chrysoritis

           Butler, plus notes on dwarfism in reared specimens.  Metamorphosis. Vol 23: 16-21. [PDF]

​6.   Seger, J., Smith, W.A., Perry, J.J., Hunn, J., Kaliszewska, Z.A., La Sala, L., Pozzi, L., Rowntree, V.J. and Adler, F.R. 

           (2009).  Gene Genealogies Strongly Distorted by Weakly Interfering Mutations in Constant Environments.  Genetics.  

           184(2), 529-545. [PDF]
7.   Heath, A., McLeod, L., Kaliszewska, Z.A., Fisher, C.W.S., and Cornwall, M. (2008).  Field notes including a summary of

           trophic and ant-associations for the butterfly genera Chrysoritis Butler, Aloeides Hübner and Thestor Hübner

           (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae) from South Africa.  Metamorphosis. Vol 19, No 3. pg 127-148. [PDF]
8.   Kaliszewska, Z.A., Seger, J., Rowntree, V.J., Barco, S.G., Benegas, R., Best, P.B., Brown, M.W., Brownell Jr., R.L.,

           Carribero, A., Harcourt, R., Knowlton, A.R., Marshall-Tilas, K., Patenaude, N.J., Rivarola, M., Schaeff, C.M., Sironi, M.,

           Smith, W.A., Yamada, T.K. (2005).  Population histories of right whales (Cetacea: Eubalaena) inferred from mitochondrial 

           sequence diversities and divergences of their whale lice (Amphipoda: Cyamus). Molecular Ecology.  14, 3439-3456. [PDF]


Manuscripts in review:

1.   Leiser-Miller, L., Kaliszewska, Z.A., Lauterbur, E., Mann, B., Riffell, J.A., Santana, S.E.  A fruitful endeavor: scent cues and

           echolocation behavior used by Carollia castanea to find fruit. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology.

Manuscripts in preparation:

1.   Kaliszewska, Z.A., Leiser-Miller, L., Riffell, J.A., Santana, S.E. (in prep) Chemical diversity of Piper Scents.

2.   Leiser-Miller, L., Yohe, L.R., Kaliszewska, Z.A., Davalos, L.M., Whitehead, S., Santana, S.E. (in prep) Niche partitioning in

           Neotropical bats (Carollia: Phyllostomidae) feeding on Piperaceae.

3.   Kaliszewska, Z.A., Heath, A. and Pierce N.E. (in prep – manuscript available upon request) Extinction Risk in Predaceous

           Butterflies May be Driven by Population Size: A Case Study Comparing Two Species in South Africa.

4.   Kaliszewska, Z.A., Boyle, J.H., Heath, A., Mathew, J. and Pierce N.E. (in prep – manuscript available upon request) 

           Phylogeny and Life History Evolution of the Genus Thestor (Lepidoptera, Miletinae).

5.   Kaliszewska, Z.A., Heath, A., Midgley, J. and Pierce N.E. (in prep – manuscript available upon request) Flying Higher Than

           The Rest: Life Histories of South African Lycaenids inferred from Stable Isotope Analysis.

6.   Talavera, G., Kaliszewska, Z.A., Heath, A., and Pierce N.E. (in prep) Phylogeny of Chrysoritis.

7.   Naskrecki, P., Kaliszewska, Z.A., Pierce, N.E. (in prep) A phylogeny of katydids (Tettigoniidae) and the evolution of acoustic



1.   Oral Presentation: Kaliszewska, Z.A., Santana, S.E. and Riffell, J.A. (2017)  Evolution of chemical signals in Neotropical Piper

           within the context of ecological interactions with bats.  Evolution Meetings 2017, Oregon.

2.   Oral Presentation: Kaliszewska, Z.A., Santana, S.E. and Riffell, J.A. (2017)  Plants talking to bats: Chemical diversity of Piper

           scents. SICB 2017, Louisiana.
3.   Oral Presentation: Kaliszewska, Z.A. and Pierce, N.E. (2013).  How does a Predaceous vs. a Vegetarian Life-history Affect

           the Evolution of Butterflies in South Africa?  Or, the Hooligan vs. the Cop.  Evolution Meetings 2013, Utah.

4.   Oral Presentation: Kaliszewska, Z.A. and Pierce, N.E. (2009).  Out of Africa: the Miletinae Butterfly Story. 

           Evolution Meetings 2009, Idaho.
5.   Oral Presentation: Kaliszewska, Z.A. and Pierce, N.E.  (2008).  When Caterpillars Attack: Phylogeny and Life History     

           Evolution of the Miletinae.  Evolution Meetings 2008, Minnesota.
6.   Poster Presentation: Kaliszewska, Z.A., Seger, J., Rowntree, V.J., Smith, W.A. (2005).  Population histories of right whales

           (Cetacea; Balaenidae; Eubalaena spp.) inferred from population structures of their whale lice (Amphipoda; Cyamidae;

           Cyamus spp.).  European Evolution Meetings (ESEB), Krakow , Poland. [PDF]
7.   Oral Presentation: Kaliszewska, Z.A. (2004). Whale Lice.  Cambridge Entomological Club

Synergistic Activities:

1.   Public Outreach

           a.  Burke Museum.​

                   -Designed and presented an exhibit about Piper scents for Behind the Scenes Night (2018).

                   -Designed and presented an exhibit about Whale Lice (Cyamidae) for Behind the Scenes Night (2016, 2018).

                   -Designed and presented four mini-exhibits about the coevolution between Piper plants and Carollia bats, which

                       communicated scientific research to the public during Free First Thursdays (2016-2017).   

           b.  Zielone Czytanki (Green Story Time). Organized and ran a nature-centered story time in Polish for

                    toddlers and their parents; in addition to teaching kids about nature, this includes instruction and support for parents                      raising bilingual children (2018).  

           c.  Harvard Museum of Natural History. Organized the Butterfly Exhibit for Bugfest (2009).

           d.  Orchard Gardens Pilot School. Designed and taught a workshop titled Out of Africa: Animals Big and

                    Small for 1st Graders (2013, 2014).

           e.  Boston Latin Academy. Judged student projects at the Science Fair (2013).

2.    Departmental Service

           a.  Member of the UW Biology Research Committee (Fall 2016 to Spring 2018).

           b.  Member of the UW Biology Grad/Postdoc Program Committee (Spring 2017).

3.     Other Service

           a.  Organized airport transportation for 2009 Mutualism Conference at Harvard.

           b.  Organized the 2006 Genetics Training Grant Symposium at Harvard.  Conflict and Cooperation:  The Evolution of 

                   Social Systems. [Symposium flyer and pictures]

Other Interests:
1.   Photography –
           -My photograph of Oropendola birds and nests was exhibited at the 2009 Bird and Nest exhibit at the Harvard Museum

           of Natural History
2.   Hiking and Climbing – Three highest summits:
           -King’s Peak (Utah) 13,328 ft
           -Mount Whitney (California) 14,491 ft
           -Mount Kilimanjaro (Tanzania) 19,340 ft
3.   Biking – summer of 2006 I biked 3700 miles (from Florida to California) with a group called Bike and Build


4.   Running –

            -May 2009 finished the KeyBank Vermont City Marathon in 5 hours and 9 minutes

            -September 2013 finished the Hyannis Sprint II Triathlon in 1 hour and 31 minutes
5.   Dudley House Intramural Crew - Rowed in the Women’s B boat in 2007 and in the Women’s A boat in 2008

English, Polish and Spanish

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